All About the Subconscious Mind – Q&A with a Hypnotherapist

A chat with Andrea Fagenholz, Hypnotherapist, all about the subconscious mind and how to shift your beliefs and behaviors to be your best self.

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All About the Subconscious Mind - Q&A with a Hypnotherapist

Andrea Fagenholz, a certified hypnotherapist and owner of Curiously Present, is an amazing woman inside and out. I met her through the wellness community in Orange County and she quickly became one of my good friends. Her positive, vibrant energy is contagious and she’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things mindset and the subconscious. When I was living in California, she also had the exciting job of being my taste tester when I created new recipes + baked goods!

Andrea is a new mom to the most adorable baby girl and loves all things holistic health. Her latest obsessions include these EMF Protection Grounding Bags, my Mint Chip Nice Cream recipe (yay!), and her daughter’s open mouth slobbery baby kisses.

Let’s get into it!

Jillz: Hypnotherapy is not a common career path – what made you pursue this direction?

Andrea: I started my career in public accounting where I thought that stress, anxiety & a feeling of overwhelm was just a piece of who I was. This was not the person I wanted to be, to say the least. I’ve always been more into the holistic health route so I started seeking alternative options for feeling better – aka shifting my mindset. Long story short, I was led to a Hypnotherapist – felt and saw a HUGE shift within the first session, and from that moment forward I knew I needed to share this superpower with more people.

All About the Subconscious Mind - Q&A with a Hypnotherapist

Jillz: So, what is hypnotherapy anyway?

Andrea: Hypnotherapy is simply the power of working with your subconscious mind to shift patterns beliefs, behaviors, reactions, fears, emotional blocks etc etc etc. It is phenomenal for anxiety, sleep and a method to reset and allow the body/mind to do what it was designed to do – support YOU. Hypnosis is far more common than most know of. Generally, all of us drop into a hypnotic state at least 2x a day – some more than others. I like to compare it to a very relaxed state – one of calm comfort. These moments act as an opportunity to deeply connect to the mind and are some of the most prime times to make the changes we desire to see. More to come on this!

Jillz: It seems like our subconscious mind is a huge part of hypnotherapy. What is our subconscious?

Andrea: To put things in perspective – the conscious mind makes up about 12% of your total mind power while the subconscious makes up about 88%. Yes, 88% of your mind is led by the subconscious. Meaning, most of our day to day interactions, behaviors, beliefs, experiences, reactions are coming from our subconscious programming. Programming that a lot of the time was built up from the ages 0-8 years old. Most of our responses can feel completely automatic and at times seem out of our control…until you realize how to access this part of our mind and just how receptive it is to adapt to your desires.

Jillz: Why is our subconscious so important?

Andrea: Simple: This is where change not only happens but sticks, long-term!

All About the Subconscious Mind - Q&A with a Hypnotherapist

Jillz: 2020 has been a bit of a chaotic year and I know a lot of people, myself included, have been feeling unsettled, anxious, and even a little scared. Are there things we can do to help reprogram our subconscious mind to support the life we want?

This list is endless! Such a beautiful thing to know that we can reprogram! One of the most important things to start with is the Magic 30 which are the two times a day that most people are automatically in a state of hypnosis. The Magic 30 exists the first 30 minutes after you wake up & the last 30 minutes before you fall asleep. What you say, do and experience at those moments are far more likely to stick in the subconscious. So ask yourself – what are your morning and evening routines & how do you feel during them?

Other options:

Journaling: Especially when you are feeling off, a great release technique & alternative way of tapping into our subconscious

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping): I use this in almost all of my client sessions & numerous times a week in my own life. Once you learn this technique you will have it readily available to you whenever you need it.

Affirmation Statements: Positive statements about yourself that help you challenge negative programming and move you closer to your desired path.

Guided Imagery: The strongest way to communicate with the subconscious mind. This can be through heightening all senses – visualization is huge but remember that hearing, smelling, and feeling are just as impactful. I regularly host group workshops and private sessions that go into greater detail on learning or experiencing these methods.

*Andrea has guided imagery recordings on her website that you can purchase to help you in your journey. I highly recommend them! Some are centered around general topics that people need support in, while some can be completely personalized for you. You can check that out here.

Jillz: What are the things we should avoid when it comes to supporting our subconscious?

Andrea: Honestly, I limit things that trigger me or can attempt to trigger me. I am protective of my energy & am mindful to give my time and attention to the people, places, and experiences that lift me up. I most definitely, do not watch the news or scroll social media during the magic 30 (referenced above 🙂 )  I get it, sometimes this can feel impossible – just remember that there are so many tools out there to help us neutralize those triggers so that the impact they have on our mental health is limited.

Jillz: Something that a lot of people struggle with is falling into the comparison trap and not feeling like they’re good enough. What can we do to help us get out of this mindset to something more positive and supportive?

Andrea: I feel this. Such an important topic. I’m a huge believer in affirmation statements. Creating them to support and empower you. Repeating them to yourself over and over and over. The more we hear and believe something to be true the quicker the subconscious mind brings it into reality.  A few affirmation statements you could start with:

I am loved and lovable.

I am enough.

I am full of valuable talents that are unique to me.

I am worthy of shining my light.

All About the Subconscious Mind - Q&A with a Hypnotherapist

Jillz: Before we go, what’s the single most important thing you want people to take away from this interview?

Andrea: The magic 30! If you remember anything at all remember that change can happen just by being intentional with the first 30 minutes after you wake up & the last 30 minutes before you fall asleep. YOU are loved. YOU are valuable. YOU are capable of so many beautiful experiences.

Be sure to check out Andrea’s website and connect with her on Instagram! She’s always sharing insightful and helpful ways to reframe your thoughts, master your subconscious, and be your best you.

All About the Subconscious Mind - Q&A with a Hypnotherapist

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