How to Connect with Your Feminine Energy

Your feminine energy is already innately within you. All you have to do is reconnect with it.

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Activate your feminine energy and come home to yourself. |

I ran into the concept of feminine energy several years ago and it stuck with me. Somewhere along the lines of growing up with two older brothers, becoming an adult in a world where the masculine is heavily praised, and getting sick, I lost touch with the feminine side of me. And this was a crucial part of me that I didn’t realize I was missing for so long.

But the thing I learned is that feminine energy is not about becoming something you’re not, it’s about coming home to yourself.

Learn how to come back home to your feminine energy. |

What is feminine and masculine energy?

Feminine and masculine energy are opposites. To understand one, it helps to understand both of them. Think of them as yin + yang – they are the perfect complementary opposites, which is why they work together so well. No energy is better than the other, they are just uniquely different.

Feminine energy

Feminine energy is the energy that’s used to be creative, connect and support others, dance, have fun, and flow through life. It’s where we access our intuition, experience our emotions + feelings, and share compassion and love with those around us. It is the receiving energy.

Masculine energy

On the contrary, the masculine is about achievement, structure, and discipline. This energy is focused on logic, as opposed to emotions, and takes decisive, deliberate action.

Understand the difference between feminine and masculine energy and tap into your feminine. |

It’s important to note that we all have BOTH feminine and masculine energies within us. These energies are not determined by our gender, but more often than not, women have more feminine energy than masculine energy, and men have more masculine energy than feminine energy. We utilize both of these different energies as we go about our day. Sometimes we need to channel our feminine energy to be nurturing and supportive with our family + friends, and sometimes we need to utilize our masculine energy to close that business deal at work. They are both important to our success and happiness.

Unfortunately, in our culture, the masculine can sometimes be “valued” more than the feminine. Because of this, it can make us feel like we need to push harder into our masculine than what naturally feels good to us. This can cause us to feel imbalanced, worn out, and less connected to our bodies. But your feminine energy doesn’t make you weak. In fact, it makes you powerful.

Why is this important?

When we start to disconnect from our true nature, it’s easy for us to become drained and unsatisfied with life. Think about it this way – when we aren’t living our lives in line with our natural strengths + passions and living our truth, things can be harder than they need to be. However, you might not even realize this is the reason you’re feeling burnt out!

Your feminine energy is superpower. Learn how to tap into this side of you and feel vibrant. |

How to Connect With Your Feminine Energy

1. Connect to your body through movement

This is a big one. While the masculine is more about stillness + presence, the feminine is all about flow. It’s constantly moving through different waves – not in an anxious, unsettled way, but in a way that feels FREE. She connects to her body and moves in ways that feel good to her.

So although you can do this by working out and going for a run, this is meant to be fun, pleasurable, relaxing, and maybe even sensual. My favorite way to do this? DANCE. It’s such a quick and easy way to tap into your feminine side. Feel the music and move in whatever way feels good to you! You don’t need to take a professional dance class (although you totally could if you wanted to!), but just let go and have fun. Dance while cooking dinner, dance while getting ready in the morning, or just blast your favorite jams with the lights dimmed and move in whatever way your body wants.

You can also stretch, do some yoga, go for a long walk outside in nature – these are other amazing forms of movement. Do whatever resonates with you most.

Remember, this should feel GOOD. Connecting to your feminine side is not about pushing through a workout to the point of passing out, it’s about LETTING GO. It’s about feeling free, getting out of your head + into your body, and letting your feminine side flow through you.

2. Allow yourself to receive

Here’s the thing: we KNOW we are capable of anything. We don’t necessarily NEED help. We are strong, we are smart, and we can do anything we set our minds to. BUT…why can’t we accept help when it’s given to us? Why do we have such a hard time asking for help even when it could benefit us greatly?

The feminine is the receiving energy, but so many of us have become uncomfortable with the act of receiving. Maybe you think it makes you look weak, or you feel annoying and needy asking for help – but being able to graciously receive is one of the biggest things we can do to tap into our feminine energy.

When someone offers to carry something heavy to your car, say thank you and receive (sure you could do it yourself, but isn’t it nice when someone else does it for you?). When someone gives you a compliment, just simply be gracious. If you need or want help, ASK for it!

The masculine absolutely loves to provide and loves to feel needed, so let yourself relax and allow others to help you and lift you up.

But here’s something you need to remember: You don’t have to overwork yourself to feel worthy of receiving. And your capacity to receive is not dependent on how much you “get done.” You are deserving regardless.

Your ability to receive is not based off of how much you achieved. Learn more about feminine energy and tap into this side of you. |

3. Listen to your intuition

The masculine tends to be guided by practicality and logic, whereas the feminine tends to be guided by intuition and a connection to their heart + body. Now again, we all have both masculine + feminine energy within us which is what makes us such well-rounded individuals. But your feminine intuition is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful things about you. TRUST IT.

I know this is not always easy, especially if we’ve learned to shut ourselves off from this voice over the years. But you always have this inner voice within you – you just have to tap into it. Meditation, journaling, being in nature, having alone time…all of this can help immensely.

Your intuition is one of the most powerful things about your feminine nature. Learn how to tap more into your feminine energy and embrace your superpowers. |

If you need some more guidance on connecting to your intuition, check out this video here.

4. Make time for rest, self-care, and beauty

The feminine NEEDS time for deep rest, relaxation, and self-care. It is an absolute must. Prioritize your sleep and prioritize your well-being. The truth is that it’s incredibly difficult to fully step into your feminine energy if you’re utterly burnt out and stressed out. Whatever you can do to make these things a part of your life, do it!

The feminine also loves beauty. Not only does it love to feel beautiful itself, but it also loves to be surrounded by beauty. Taking time to get ready in the morning to feel beautiful, whatever that means to you, can completely change your energy and the way you carry yourself.

Living in a tidy, beautiful, well taken care of home will also majorly impact how good you feel. The feminine will feel stifled and suffocated in a dirty, boring home, so keep things clean, add fresh flowers, add some colorful throw pillows – whatever adds beauty and visual nourishment to your life.

And if you need an instant source of beauty and rejuvenation, don’t forget about nature! Mother Earth is one of the most beautiful and nourishing things that exist!

Your feminine soul will feel so much more alive when you’re in the presence of beauty.

5. Activate your senses

Anything that can get you back into your body and back to pleasure and joy, can get you back into your feminine. Therefore, activating your senses is one way to tap deeper into your feminine energy.

  • Light a candle or diffuse your favorite essential oils.
  • Indulge in a square of dark chocolate.
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Watch the sunset.
  • Take a bubble bath and feel the warmth of the water against your skin.

In our world today, we tend to live our life on autopilot and are constantly in go-go-go mode. But when we do this, we miss out on the beautiful, simple moments that bring us so much joy (and that connect us to our feminine side).

As you go about your day, don’t forget to experience life with ALL of your senses. When you’re eating dinner, really smell + taste the goodness. As you go on your daily walk, feel the breeze against your skin and the sun on your face. Being in your feminine energy isn’t necessarily about WHAT you’re doing…it’s more so about HOW you’re doing it. Are you taking everything in? Are you enjoying the process? Or are you just trying to get to the finish line?

Just becoming aware of and creating more of these little, delightful moments might seem so minuscule, but they can actually be mind-blowingly transformative.

6. Honor your “dark” side

We all have both light and dark feminine. The light feminine is more of that soft, loving, gentle, nurturing energy. But it’s important to embrace your dark feminine, too.

By “dark,” I don’t mean wounded. I’m referring to the feminine side of you that is more primal + subconscious…more of that femme-fatale archetype.

You can harness this side of you by honoring your feminine primal needs + instincts. Allow yourself to fully express your emotions, even the “not so fun” ones. Honor your sexuality and any desires you have. Embrace some of your wild side. Stand in your truth.

These aren’t just important, they are necessary. You can’t have that light feminine without some of the dark.

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