iPhone Wallpapers for Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams

Fun wallpapers for your phone to help you level up!

Just for fun, I created these phone wallpapers to help inspire you to become the woman of your dreams! Most of them are filled with affirmations or other important thoughts to keep in focus.

You can download the wallpaper by simply saving the photo. Then just make them the wallpaper on your phone. Easy peasy!

Affirmation Phone Wallpapers

What I desire is meant for me | www.jillzguerin.com
Life is rigged in my favor | www.jillzguerin.com
I attract good energy only | www.jillzguerin.com
I am becoming everything I've ever dreamed of | www.jillzguerin.com
Everything works out | www.jillzguerin.com
I am the creator of my life | www.jillzguerin.com
I am a lucky girl | www.jillzguerin.com
I am abundant | www.jillzguerin.com
Trust the plan | www.jillzguerin.com
I am worth it | www.jillzguerin.com
I am who I am for a reason | www.jillzguerin.com
I am divine | www.jillzguerin.com
I am divine | www.jillzguerin.com

Comment down below and let me know if you used one! If so, which one did you use!? Let me know!!

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  • They are so beautiful and related to ny thoughts ❤️i want moree ilu !! Thankyou so much !!!

  • Hi Jillz, I will definitely use I am worth it wallpaper. Thank you for sharing and I love your content.

  • I am a Lucky Girl

    I chose this one because I try to remember to tell myself this and it will help me to remember. It looks great!

    I also saved “What I desire is meant for me” because I really liked the picture and the first “I am divine” because it reminds me more of the feminine. I plan to switch between these and also “Trust the plan” in summer because it is unassuming. I may even use the others as they all are great. I only thought that the black background one should be a more feminine color like pink or red or blue dreamy color.
    Thank you Jillz! I love your videos, they are very helpful in my life.
    Maybe you could do some natural healing or beauty type videos if you were looking for ideas. I’m sorry if you already have these and I haven’t come across them yet.
    Maybe a video on how to be around your friends to bring out their feminine too.
    Thank you!!