A Holistic Resource: All the Non-Toxic Products I Use

Swapping all your items to non-toxic can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

Back in 2016, when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, I changed my entire life and leaned into holistic healing. In doing so, I realized how toxic a lot of the products I was using were!

Over the last many years, I’ve slowly transitioned almost all of my household products, makeup, skincare, etc, to safer, healthier options.

So in this blog, I want to share the products/brands I use for those who need a little support in their holistic journey and swapping for cleaner products!

Keep in mind that this blog post is not sponsored, and all of these products/brands are things I genuinely use (some for many for years and years!) and recommend. However, some of these links are affiliate links.

Household Items

Makeup + Beauty

Skin + Body

Hair Care

I hope this list has been helpful! Comment down below and let me know what you’re planning on swapping and trying! 🙂

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