Health Coaching

Jillian Guerin - Health Coach

Do you want to get healthy but not even sure where to start?

Do you want your energy and zest for life back?

Do you want to feel like yourself again?

Well, I’m here to help.

My coaching programs will help you to:

  • Get healthy
  • Slim down
  • Have more energy
  • Diminish chronic health issues
  • Understand your body

In each program, we will meet virtually through phone, Skype or FaceTime once every two weeks for 50 minutes*. During our sessions, we will discuss your health goals and the challenges that stand in your way. Together, we will co-create an individual strategy and action plan based on your goals to move you towards your best self.

I will then provide detailed nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset recommendations to incorporate seamlessly into your busy life. Each following session will build upon the last and we will progress at whatever pace works best for you. In between sessions, you will have unlimited email access and unwavering support.

*If you are interested in meeting more often, we can create a personalized schedule just for you.

Package Options

1 Month Reset

Perfect for those looking for a health reboot and whose goal is to get back on track.

Jillian Guerin - Health Coach

3 Month Jumpstart

Ideal for those who need someone to offer more guidance and hold them accountable to achieving their goals.

Jillian Guerin - Health Coach

6 Month Transformation

Best for those who hope to feel their absolute best and make a healthy lifestyle lasting and sustainable.

With my help, you’ll transform into the person you’re meant to be.

Jillian Guerin - Health Coach

In my programs, I stress the importance of bio-individuality: that everyone is different and health is not a one size fits all.

We will work on identifying what makes you feel your healthiest self.