The “Organize Your Life” Notion Template

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This notion template has been my tried and true system for staying organized and creating my dream life!

After purchase, you will receive immediate access via a private URL link.

If you’d like to see a walkthrough of how I use my notion template, check out this video here.

When purchasing this template, you will also receive a free comprehensive video from me about how to use the template and customize it to your needs.

Included in this template: 14+ pages of life management support! Pages include an agenda, habit tracker, meal planner, goal planner, monthly reflections, identifying your dream self, reading list, travel planner, + more.

This template can be customized completely to fit your needs. Feel free to add more pages, change the photos, and make it your own!

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8 reviews for The “Organize Your Life” Notion Template

  1. Jaweriya Anjum

    I just wanna say, THANKS MY BEAUTIFUL ❤️!!

  2. Joan (verified owner)

    I got this yesterday and already see the great impact it will have as I populate my details. With this, I’ve already brought to a single place vast amounts of info I keep in scattered note books – now a single tap away on my phone & Mac. I’ve also linked web pages with more data so everything is connected. I wouldn’t have had the knowledge nor the patience to create the templates that you have. So thanks a million for sharing this brilliance!

  3. Kristina (verified owner)

    Love this template! this is exactly what I need in my life. I was way too confused by notion and this is totally my style and it works great. I love Jillz’s content. Thank you!

  4. Jeannette (verified owner)

    This template is simply chef’s kiss! Couldn’t be more happy with it! Finally, I have everything organized in one place – with style. Thank you, Jillz!

  5. Jessica (verified owner)

    Definitely worth it! I was being cheap initially and tried to recreate this template from scratch and after about half an hour I got frustrated and decided to just purchase the template and boyy am I glad I did. Thank you so much for this lovely foundation that is already changing my life. I’ve been using this templates for a little over 2 weeks now and it’s been so fun and exciting to bring order to my life. I feel like this is already playing a huge factor in creating my dream life. I love it so much I had to come back here to give it a review! Thank you Jillz!! For those of you reading this… Don’t be cheap! Invest in yourself and support those that are supporting you! Much love!!

  6. NORA (verified owner)

    SO COOL 💅🏻

  7. Inna (verified owner)

    This Notion template changed my life. I can’t thank Jillz enough! I find it so much better than even using my other digital planners. I’ve tried many different planners and decided to try out this Notion template. I use this together with my own calendar on my phone. I’ve been able to get my life together! Definitely worth it and i don’t even need to look for a mid year planner anymore.The search is over!! It’s been working so well that I wanted to come back to the site just to leave a review! Looking forward to more digital downloads!

  8. Allie

    Love this template! It would take me months and months to recreate this. Filling it out and answering the questions was so insightful and motivating. I already feel lighter having everything in one place. Highly recommend this if you’re a digital planner girl (or guy)! Thanks Jillz!

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